Important town centre at the foot of the Euganean Hills, inhabited since the Neolithic Age, and rich in history and evidence of its past.

A walled city of the most ancient origins, dating back to the age of the Romans. Many traces remain of a rich past. In the third week of September, you can assist the historic commemoration of the giostra della rocca . e of its past.

Small town centre that preserves intact the medieval atmosphere of when Francesco Petrarch chose it as his last refuge. It became the home for diverse Venetian families attracted by the fame of the poet.

Splendid medieval walled town entirely surrounded by a nearly unbroken wall, 15-17 m high, hailed among the best preserved in Europe. The first Sunday of September you can attend the Palio of the ten nearby communi.

A city of the most ancient artistic and cultural traditions, boasts one of the oldest universities in the world and the Basilica of St. Anthony, one of the world’s most venerated saints.

Splendid medieval palaces and churches, ancient squares and the magnificent Roman Arena, this city of the western Veneto is situated on the banks of the Adige river, between the Paduan Plain and the foothills of the Lessini mountains.

Founded as a Byzantine city in the 6th Century, after the brief government of the Canossa, it passed to the Lords of the Estensi. In this period numerous cultural initiatives came to be realized, among which the foundation of the university (1391).

Venice is a city unique in the world. It rose from over a hundred islands in the laguna, four km from the mainland. The entire historic town centre, intersected by canals and connected by hundreds of bridges, is both an artistic and architectural treasure.